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Salute to Supernatural Dallas Convention 2012

Ok so where do I start? Being in India until a year ago, my only hope of getting a glimpse of the stars of Supernatural was through videos on YouTube and pictures shared on Twitter and Facebook. However, once I moved to the US, I was sure that I will attend a convention at least once in my life and when Dallas was added to the Creation schedule, I just knew I had to go. Tickets are very expensive so there was no way I could go gold or silver, so I took the next best option: a preferred ticket for one day plus a J2 photo op. What followed next were months and months of talking to myself, thinking of how to smile in front of the camera, how to pose, what to say to them, edit it and think of something else, daydream, nightdream and so on. I knew I would be very star struck when I see them but I did not know that I will become completely speechless.

Because Jensen Ackles is gorgeous. He doesn't look at you. He beams at you. He glows. There are like rays coming out of his face which blind you and turn your brain into a fruit. His eyes sparkle and he is like a perfect faery creature and to say he is beautiful is an understatement. And he was a foot away from me when he first set his eyes on me. So this is how I died and went to heaven.

Ok, let's go back a few hours. I went the previous day to see the hotel, get my photo ops registered and when I first reached the parking lot, there were two gorgeous impalas kept there! Supernatural fans sure know how to arrive in style! I was taking some pictures with my phone and a guy walked past me, nodding, grinning and asking 'Supernatural?' I smiled back and said ya! So you just meet random people and you know you have something common coz we all love the show. After my photo registration was over, I went back to the hotel and tried to sleep. Couldn't really but got a few hours.

Next day I was ready, all set with A's backpack which he graciously gave to me to carry some snacks, water, a stole, various printouts, camera stuff, batteries, cash and my phone. There was a fairly long line when I reached for registration but they started on time and were very efficient. I found all volunteers and organisers at Creation responsible and nice. They have a big task of keeping everything on schedule, especially when some events overlap each other. We were asked to sit in one of the ballrooms according to what photo op we had while the host welcomed us. There were huge banners all around us and theme music or fan vids being played. Suddenly we heard screaming from the ballroom behind us where the Breakfast Panel was going on and we knew that J2 were here. We eagerly waited for our turn and after a few minutes, the Jensen photo ops started. They were going by so fast, row by row; I was scared that I won't get time to say anything to them. I sat there and mentally calculated that on an average a fan was getting 4 or 5 seconds with them only! How would I say my much practiced line, "Hi I am from India and you have a lot of fans there"? I told myself that I have to do it, I cannot be such a wuss, who knows if I will ever get a chance like this or not. I braced myself and was all pumped up!

It was finally our turn; the first three rows for J2 photo ops were called. I was in the second row, and I became nervous again. We were led to a photo room and as we walked very fast, I saw Cliff chatting with someone at one of the doors. It was that moment when it hit me that it was real, this is really happening. I chatted with some ladies in the queue and everyone was excited although they have attended many conventions before. We kept coming near the entrance and you just had to go in the small photo room, the door was not closed. I saw lights, lots of wires, volunteers, security, some tables and Alan Ackles! Then I saw Mackenzie sitting all pretty at one of the chairs. Then I saw some women, must have been Jensen's mom, sister-in-law and his nephews hopping on the chairs. There were some men too so maybe Josh was there. I did not see the Padaleckis though because just then I saw a mop of hair bobbing ahead in front of the queue. It was bouncing with the fun music in the background. Then I saw Jared's head and he was smiling.... *thunder rolls and lightning strikes*. I stretch my neck and look to his right and I see Jensen smiling at the fans near him. And I started crying. Not like bhaeee HOH MAI GAWD, more like scrunched up face, whimpering and tears forming at a rapid pace and threatening to fall. The women in front of me asked if I was ok and the other one suggested not to ruin my makeup and considering the only thing I had used was Kajal and lip gloss, I did not want to ruin the little effort I had put to look nice. Then to my horror I looked to my left and Jensen's whole family was looking our way! I did not want to appear pathetic but it is their fault! All their fault!! For creating this gorgeous creature with magical powers! Anyway I looked away, managed to take some deep breaths and not cry anymore but by then I was shaken. I lost all composure and forgot what I going to say. Moreover the line kept moving and there were just 3 or 4 women in front of me, meaning J2 were a couple of feet away from me and I could see them, like really see. Jared and his hair were bouncing and laughing and Jensen was on his right, nearer to us, and greeting the fans, taking pictures, saying bye etc. Before I knew it, it was my turn.

I was waiting at the silver mark on the floor and had to move ahead. But I was staring at Jensen; I was on auto pilot and just following his moves with a dorky smile on my face. He smiled at me with his sparkly eyes and said "Hi", and I said "......" although in my head I was thinking 'You are beautiful'. He had a flash of confusion, then did this half nod plus hand gesture, like asking me come forward again with that cute smile of his and I squeaked 'Hi', finally finding my voice which I had dropped somewhere on the floor. I quickly moved to Jared waiting there and had to look up up up and he also said Hi and I was about to utter my well-practiced sentence but suddenly it hit me --- I was talking to Jared Padalecki, like the real Jared Padalecki, and I froze again. He looked at me like he was expecting me to say something because my jaw was on the floor, maybe about how I want to pose and so on, but I just said Hi, stared for another second and turned to look towards the camera. I could see their family members looking at us and I did not have the courage to utter anything else. I smiled at the direction of the camera because by then I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I am having trouble remembering. I felt them come close to me from both sides, Jensen freaking held me at the freaking waist very lightly and Jared put his arms around me and lightly pulled me towards him and I felt like he was a warm blanket or something. I was so skittish and they were careful with me too and that's why I respect them so much because they use their discretion when interacting with fans and don't have a similar treatment with everyone. For the briefest of seconds I felt like the most protected being on earth, these two tall creatures creating a cocoon around me and although the whole thing got over in a few seconds, for me everything was going on in slow motion. I just stood there, feeling happy, not thinking about how to smile or pose and got my picture clicked. I turned, said thank you and ran away, passing their families near the stage. The women in my line were like aww no, why didn't you hold them, you kept your hands at your side, and I was so dazed out I could just say huh? or wuh? and I came out of the room.

I so needed a hug then or a good cry because I was so very overwhelmed and then after the elation, started the realisation that DAMMIT I met J2 and did not speak to them! I did not say anything that I had planned! I did not even mention India! Jensen must have thought I was a dumb idiot. I did not hold them! I stood there like Bahadur watchman in attention position! And smiled with teeth and gums! But the very next minute this disdain was replaced by OhMyGod, they held me! I actually forgot that Jared held my shoulder at the point of time and only when I saw the picture I saw his fingers peeking. I just remembered Jensen holding me and I was again transported to Lala Land. I texted A, went back to the ballroom, called Anvi and Neha, gave them updates on whatever I could remember although now I don't remember a word I said to them! I just went blabber blabber blabber!

In the meantime, the host came back and Richard Speight Jr came to officially open the panel. He was very funny, kept things informal, roamed around the whole hall, answered questions, hugged fans and just made the whole atmosphere very light and casual. He hates Toddlers and Tiaras and Honey Boo Boo type of shows. And the woman who did not know Matt Cohen's name was made to sit on a single chair on the stage called the 'chair of shame' the whole time! He also talked about Game of Thrones (yay!) and how it is important to kill characters for drama and because you don't know what to expect then. He even answered a question about slash and made the woman who was asking about it blush away and said 'Now you are fifty shades of pink!' He also talked about pranks and how Jared and Misha are the biggest pranksters and change his phone settings into indecent stuff and then are angry with him because he left his phone lying around and so it was he who he made them mess with his phone! The most hilarious part was when the organisers typed on the giant screen "Simone Tolhurst please see Leticia at registration immediately" but Simon never went so after every few minutes the message would come on the screen randomly and the font size would keep increasing. At 4th attempt it became so big half the letters were out of the screen and Richard said Simone if you don't go see Leticia at registration immediately I will beat you up and take you there! The crowd went bonkers but we still don't know if Simone went to see Leticia or not LOL.

After he left, we had the charity auction of posters, banners, tickets and other merchandise and there was some serious auctioning going on! We got to see some fan vids and the award winning one and kept waiting and waiting and finally J2 were here! They were their playful selves and were extra adorable this time because they were in Texas and their parents and rest of the family members were sitting in the front row! Later on, they also asked us to thank their family members who were present with us and how they support the actors in everything. We clapped and cheered for a long time and they said thank you back. They gave a shoutout to the newbies and Jensen said he was happy to see all the pretty smiling faces! I am sure all of you have read the summaries and tweets of the panel already but the most memorable moments were the following. Jared saying he used to talk to Thomas only on the phone when he was away for conventions abroad for many days and when he came back and Jared would call him Thomaaas (in a deep daddy voice), Thomas would look away from him like 'who is this man?' and wildly look for the iPhone/iPad because he associates this voice with his Daddy's voice which always comes out of the phone! Awwww For him, Jared was this intruder who was standing between him and his phone where daddy's voice comes out <3 When someone asked if Thomas has a favourite lullaby, he said he mostly talks himself to sleep awww, and before that Jensen looked at him in this hilariously creepy way and said "Sing it Daddy!" and Jared was laughing away, so embarrassed and said I am going to have nightmares now! When the girl asked the question saying it was only for Jared because Jensen does not have a baby, he dramatically replied," Not one that YOU know of!! ... And my mom's over there going WHATTT??? I KNEW IT!!!" LOL

Other funny answers which I liked was when a fan asked how he survived hot Texas summers, and Jared replied 'Air conditioning!' Another one was when asked which Disney prince or princess he would like to be, Jared said Jasmine immediately, then said Aladdin and then changed it to the Beast. To which Jensen replied, "I guess that makes me Beauty!" The whole crowd cheered and Jared was again laughing away. In this panel, Jensen was the one who was teasing Jared more and he kept getting embarrassed! Another Disney question was comparing them to the Tangled meme with Jensen as Rapunzel and he was so confused! Jared was equally confused and thought Rumplestiltskin and Rapunzel are the same thing and Jensen was like wait, isn't she the chick with the long hair and then pointed at Jared! The Klondike bar answer was where we all went hawww! Asked what they would do for a Klondike bar, Jared said he will cut off his hair but admitted he never ate one and Jensen got offended, threw his mike and went off stage. Jared picks up this mike too and says I will be louder now! When Jensen comes back and asks the girl what she would for a Klondike bar, she said YOU!!! hahahaa he threw his mike and walked off stage again! God his parents were there, what was she thinking!

When asked what they would do if they are transported to the world of Supernatural, Jensen said they would clutch to each other and scream and buy some guns, ammo and all the other stuff and he would have salt everywhere, even his back pocket and hilariously demonstrated how salt would fall behind him as he walked! He also mentioned how Jared talks to himself about his hair and how his hair talks back :P They mentioned Austin and I was very happy about that too! These are the main parts I found funny and remember at the moment. I have to watch the videos again because I was sitting behind gold and silver seats and was in the middle of the hall. Besides, the only jerk in the whole room was sitting behind me and I couldn't hear a few things. During the panel I felt like I was watching it on YouTube, only on a larger screen! I did not have autograph tickets so I roamed around, bought some stuff, got a couple gifts like fridge magnets and Supernatural themed cash from fellow fans. Later there was a Supernatural movie pitch idea section, the halls were mostly empty but there were some funny plots discussed. More music videos and the convention came to an end. We got our photos on time and everything was systematic as the line for the CD and printed copies were separate. I bought them and ran to hubby dearest and we were ready to go home! Oh and we went to have dinner at a Jack in the Box nearby and as I entered, the song on the radio was "I'm all out of love!" It was so supernatural!

Looking back, I feel there are so many things I could have said or done differently. But overall this was a dream come true. Jensen and Jared are the nicest guys, their families are lovely and they are just like ordinary people, only more handsome! As Jensen promised Season 8 will be Kickass, I am eagerly waiting for it and now will look at them in a different light. I still love the show, love the actors and believe in the characters. Special thanks to my winsisters, some of you must have wished something very nice for me that this wish of mine became true! I hope with all my heart that you get to see them one day too and maybe we will all be there at the same time! There are no limits to possibilities and probabilities, so always keep the faith!

(*goes back to staring at the photo op*)

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Oh, sweetie, your story gave me no words. I want to meet them as well. I try to not lose hope.

Thank you! It will happen, just believe in it!!

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